Nigel Humphreys Poet and Story Teller

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The observer observed.

An individual walks into a  coastal town.

In writing For Reasons Unknown I didn’t want to produce another cliché collection of disparate 

poems. I wanted each to be relevant to a unifying idea and to plot the course of a narrative. 

To that end a structure evolved which embeds each poem appositely within the plasm of an all-

embracing prose poem. So poems within a poem. Then I needed an unadorned character, Brock, 

to hold it together – an individual without home, creed, philosophy or agenda who, through his 

wanderings, permeates existence and, by so doing, becomes an disinterested observer of what it 

is to exist. The reader sees what he sees and goes where he goes, unnoticed but increasingly 

relevant. The small coastal town he visits is a town illustrative of small communities folk 

function best in. Like the sea their essence is restless, dynamic and moody – the antithesis of 

Brock who simply accepts what lies before him because that appears to be all there is. Yet maybe 

not. By observing he seems to effect the very alchemy of existence itself, so that from its surface 

dross hints of unrevealed transmutation - Existentialism plus, but plus what? And where?