Nigel Humphreys Poet and Story Teller

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Circaidy Gregory Press £7.99

Poet Nigel Humphreys has done something unique and surprising  with the ancient text of Daphnis and Chloe, taking a rambling 2nd century prose narrative and turning into an epic poem in the oral tradition, reflective of the setting of a pastoral idyll and love story on the Island of Lesbos.  Thus, this new transcription is cloaked in the authenticity of Ancient Greece. That apart, the adventures of the young teenage lovers make a rollicking good read with marauding pirates, kidnaps, monsters, deceits and intrigues to the background of lust and war between city states. The gods of course are forever meddling, usually to good effect. It is a story of bucolic innocence, one of the oldest stories in the world as a naïve Daphnis struggles to have his way with his innocent childhood sweetheart Chloe.

The epic poem is complimented by 5 new translations of Dafydd ap Gwylim’s poems in which the poet has sought to return them to the original cywydd form in English in an effort to recapture the colour and humour of the 14th century Welsh troubadour poet.

The Love Song of Daphnis and Chloe published in 2015 by and available from 

Circaidy Gregory Press, Creative Media Centre, 45 Robertson St, Hastings, TN34  1HL